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We offer an extensive range of works and masonry goods for all your construction and decoration projects.


In our facilities we have a large stock of the most common products in the sector, we can also obtain any specific product for you in a short period of time.


We work with the top brands in the market, each specialising in a range of specific products for excellent quality guarantee.


Here we list some of our products:


    Mortars, tile adhesives, sand, plaster, concrete, etc

    Bricks, hollow bricks, hollow terracotta, rain guards, etc

    Waterproofing, sealants, insulation, etc

    Pipes, channels, PVC fittings, etc

    Tiles, blocks, wall copings, etc

    Ceramics, stoneware, sanitary ware, etc

    Lath, corrugated bars, forged steel, etc

    Wooden structural framework, etc

    Treated wood stakes and posts, etc

    Metal fences and enclosures


From here you can access the web sites of our usual suppliers and check the quality, performance or any other aspect of the products supplied.

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