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Avd/ Montserrat, 36-39 - 36500 Lalín



In our store you will find the tools necessary to perform all your construction, renovation or rehabilitation works.


We offer variety of qualities, working with first and second brands in the market, to offer a wider range of purchasing possibilities.


We make a brief description into families:



• Manual tools: shovels, picks, trowels ...

• Painter Tools: paintbrushes, buckets, ribbons ...

• Measuring and marking: tape measures, levels, plumb bobs, drawing pens ...

• Electrical machinery: grinders, drills, hammers, concrete mixers ...

• Protection and security: masks, harnesses, helmets, safety apparel, footwear ...


When make their purchases for materials, you can supplement them with the tools they need. Visit us and you can check it out..

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